Do you have a dream Louis vuitton bag?

Do you have a dream Louis vuitton bag? The kind that if money were no object, you would place it on your shoulder or the crook of your arm. For me, it's an Hermes Birkin carrier. Since I don't have the thousands of dollars, I would be lucky enough to snag this in an auction.

Wickliff Auctioneers and Robert J. Brown Appraisals tend to be hosting a spring couture auction. On the block will be Sixty nine high-end purses from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Coach, jewelry from Chanel along with Tiffany and men's and women's clothing via designers like Versace and Tory Burch.

We possess something for everyone,said Shelly Dubick, business manager of Robert J. Dark brown Appraisals.

Dubick said most of the Lv handbags won't go for their entire retail price, unless it's one of the special bags, which there are two involving in the cheap Louis Vuitton collection.

Our clothes are where your best deals will likely be because it's limited by size,Dubick said.

The purses are pre-owned and are available to them on consignment via individuals to people in Kentucky and further.

Dubick said once had a woman fall off bag full of Louis Vuitton sale, which Dubick had appraised for authenticity.

The guidelines to making sure you don't whack your budget at an auction is always to set one, Dubick said.

There's bargains and with 69 purses and if you have your budget set, an walk out of here with money saving deals,she said.

In the exceptional instance these items don't sale, I desired to know what happened to the left over spots?

However, Robert Brown, one who owns Robert J. Brown Evaluations said everything finds a fresh home.

If we only have a bid of $2 on them, it will move,he said.